Decentralized & Incentivized Network Infrastructure

XYLEM is a revolutionary network technology that brings the idea of the seamlessly connected world into reality by using the power of mesh technology and blockchain.


XYLEM lets users control their own network and share it with other users in exchange for incentives

Although, 50% of the traffic is from mobile but changing work habits and lifestyles are increasing demand for a common mobility solution. Mobile traffic is already growing faster than our infrastructure for it.

As a result, connectivity grows around dense areas only and still remains expensive. No global standard and regulations mean higher cross border roaming charges.

  • Cellular Plans are expensive
  • No Crossborder Mobile Connectivity
  • High Initial costs for new network installation
  • Lack of infrastructure incentives for common users
  • Incentives
  • Any spot. easy login
  • Staying connected through highly secure network

In a Xylem network any device can forward data from one device to the next connected device and earn for providing the network in form of Xylem Network Tokens. This way every device, whether it be network user or provider has incentive to be connected and share connectivity with everyone else in the system.

incentivized network provision and sharing
Everyone can provide own network and use network anywhere



implementation image
Trustless Transparent Network Access through Tokenization & Smart Contract
Unlike usual subscription models for internet access (mobile or broadband), XYLEM uses Smart Contracts using ERC20 Token where there are no hidden charges and users can transparently pay for only what they use. Also, they can stop and start their service without paying any cancellation fees and signing tedious contracts. Also unlike mobile subscriptions which are restricted to usually one device, XYLEM users can access network using same account for any device they possess.

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  • Siddharth Pillai
    Siddharth PillaiCEO, Co-Founder


  • Shun Muramatsu
    Shun MuramatsuCOO, Co-Founder






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